Welcome to the School of Zara Cakes

At the school of Zara Cakes we take a modern approach to teaching you how to create the cakes of your dreams. 

From cupcakes to doughnut towers Zara Cakes will teach you how to master each bake to a professional standard. Each of our many courses will introduce you to new techniques and ideas that will transform the way you bake at home or at your own business. 

Our courses cover a wide selection of cakes and topics such as. Cupcakes, Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Doughnut Towers, Decor and pipework and special event cakes such as valentines day.

During our courses we will also advise you on business technique and procedure, Social media management and any general enquiries you may have, our team has over 10 years experience in the industry.

The school of Zara Cakes also offers world wide one to one training. These specialist courses are tailored to your needs and you can find out more by emailing – zara@zaracakesmanchester.com

“ when you train with us you will have fun and leave with the confidence and knowledge to accelerate you into the colorful world of cakes “ - Zara xxx

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